Volunteering for Doors Open Saskatoon in 2015, was an insight into the public’s view of the City of Saskatoon. People were happy at the opportunity to be able to visit locations throughout Saskatoon, some of which are not normally open to the public or charge an entrance fee. For example, the Police Department opened up certain areas of their facility to the public. However, the word on the street was the lines and wait times to take the tour were long.

More surprisingly, the majority of the public were unaware that certain locations in the Doors Open program were always open to the public. For instance Nutana Collegiate, which featured a gallery of Canadian paintings, is always open. However, the public was unaware that certain areas in this buildings and others were always open to the public.

People were wondering why certain buildings, like the University of Saskatchewan were not on the Doors Open tour. As a University of Saskatchewan alumni and student this was surprising. The University of Saskatchewan has many museums and galleries, which are open at certain hours and days (and sometimes only for specific months) for the public to enjoy at their leisure:


Source: University of Saskatchewan. (2015). Museum of Natural Sciences. Retrieved from: https://www.usask.ca/activities/museums.php

  • Diefenbaker Canada Centre is a prime ministerial museum
  • Gordon Snelgrove Gallery The multi-purpose exhibition facility
  • The Kenderdine Art Gallery is the home of the permanent collection of the University of Saskatchewan
  • The Museum of Antiquities is a collection of ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern sculptures
  • The Museum of Natural Sciences has displays of living plants, animals and fossils
  • The St. Thomas More Art Gallery


Source: University of Saskatchewan. (2015). Gordon Snelgrove Gallery. Retrieved from: https://www.usask.ca/activities/museums.php

Other events and displays occur at the University of Saskatchewan every year, sometimes on a regular basis and other times they rotate between colleges in North America or Canada. In 2016 the Link Gallery Exhibit: The Great War, is presented between November 2015 – January 2016, in Murray Library. Another display occurring from January 14th to 17th of 2016 is Spectrum, which is an exhibition of Science and Technology.


The College of Arts and Science has different News and Events, with links to todays, ongoing and upcoming events. The Department of Music also has many upcoming events. The department of drama holds two to three plays a year in the Graystone Theatre.

The University of Saskatchewan offers the public many different opportunities to experience everything from art and culture to science and technology. These events are changing constantly, and some exhibits are for a limited time. Take advantage of the events and displays the University of Saskatchewan offers while you can. Please note that some events are free and others you must purchase tickets for, for details or more information please follow the links provided.

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